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The LoVe Selfie

Lofoten & Vesterålen

Experience the beautiful nature in Lofoten & Vesterålen (LoVe), and embark on a journey that will give you memories of a lifetime!
Guided tours and boat trips. Whale safari, fishing trip, learn the fisherman ways, Northern Lights hunting, and much more!


Day 1:

Arrival to Vesterålen Kysthotell, check in after 15:00. Time to yourself before dinner. Explore the local area and get to know Stokmarknes – the birthplace of Hurtigruten.

Dinner at 19:00 – Location: Isqueen.

Optional Activity: Arctic Ice Bathing from the hotel harbour, followed by some time in our outside hot tub.

Day 2:

Breakfast at 08:00.

Boat trip to Aquaculture Centre Vesterålen – meeting place: the hotel docks – 09:30.

Bring warm and waterproof clothes and shoes. On the boat trip,you need to have your camera ready! You may catch a glance of sea eagles on the way to Blokken (Aquaculture Centre). Warm beverages will be served onboard the boat.

akvakultur noterPhoto: Akvaculture Centre Vesterålen

Guided tour in the Aquaculture Centre with a professional and enthusiastic guide. Learn more about one of Norway’s largest fish farms (salmon farm) and industries. After the tour, lunch will be served at the Centre (12:30). Per tradition, the menu is a simple and delicate cold smoked salmon (if allergic/dislike the dish, please inform us before departure).

After lunch you will take a boat out to the fish farm and learn more about the Norwegian way of fish farming.

Boat trip back to the hotel.

Dinner at 19:00 – Location: Isqueen Restaurant.

Weather Dependent: If the seas are a little rough on the day, we will go to the centre by mini-bus. A short boat trip at the centre itself is possible.

Day 3:

Breakfast at 06:30

Minibus drive to Andenes at 07:30 (2 hour drive). Bring warm and waterproof clothes and shoes. The minibus will stay at the centre if you wish to leave personal belongings in the bus.

You will join a boat safari (Zodiac) to see whales (Orcas, Sperm Whales, and/or more) and maybe some seals. We cannot guarantee what kind of whale you will see, but we do our upmost to find different species. The weather is notoriously unpredictable in this area, so we cannot be guaranteed at the decided date and time that we will see whales. If the weather is bad, we will swap to a different tour/program to have a better chance for whale safari on a different day during your stay.

003498 Marten Bril AndoeyPhoto: Marten Bril / / Andøy

After the safari lunch is served at the reception with traditional local food.

Travel back to the hotel with the minibus. On the way back we will drive along the coast, following the National Tourist Route Andøy. We can stop at points of interest such as Bleik Beach and Kleivodden along they way on request.

Dinner at 19:00 – Location Isqueen Restaurant.

Optional Evening activity: Zenith Planetarium – stargazing and 3-course dinner.

Day 4:

Breakfast at 09:00

Northern Lights Photosafari – Start at 10:30 – Location: Meetingroom 2 in the main hotel building.

Participate in a 1-hour photo course with our professional and experienced photographer and guide, Frank Olsen. Frank will teach you how to set up your camera to capture the elusive Northern Lights. The course will give you a basic understanding how to use your camera when you join Frank later in the day for some Northern Lights hunting!

zenith stjerneobservatorium

After the course you will travel by minibus to Inga Sami Siida to experience the Sami culture and way of living. Time for minibus departure: 12:30 | Meeting place: outside the main hotel.

Feed the reindeers and be captivated in the Sami culture. Join Inga in the lavvo and hear the stories about Sami culture, joik and folklore.

009098 Trym Ivar Bergsmo SortlandPhoto: Trym Ivar Bergsmo / / Sortland

Lunch will be served in the lavvo and get a taste of reindeer with some outdoor cooking (if you don’t want to eat reindeer, other alternatives can be made).

After lunch you will participate in a lasso throwing contest. If you manage to capture the reindeer on the first try, you will receive a prize for you to keep!

Minibus trip back to the hotel at 17:00.

Dinner is served at 19:00 – Location: Isqueen

Join Frank Olsen for the Northern Light Hunting! Time: 22:00 | Meeting place: Outside the main hotel. The hunt lasts for as long as you can stay awake!

Day 5:

Breakfast at 09:30

Enjoy a relaxing morning after your evening of chasing the light. At 11.00 meet outside the hotel for transport to the next activity. On this day you can choose between the following activities:

  • Eagle Safari – see the spectacular White-Tailed Eagle, also known as the sea eagle. This tour is perfect for the photo enthusiast.
  • Deep Sea Fishing – try your hand at deep sea fishing, which is fun for everyone in the family. Catch your very first Arctic Cod and learn how to cook it fresh from the boat like fishermen do.

006485 Marten Bril Andoey Boe Hadsel Loedingen Sortland ksnesPhoto: Marten Bril / / Andøy

All activities start at 12.00, Meeting place: Hotel docks. Bring warm clothes and shoes. 

The afternoon hours after you return from your ocean excursion are yours to use as you wish – maybe a hike in the nearby area, or a quiet evening in the hotel sauna?

Dinner at 19:00: Isqueen

Optional activity: Northern Lights hiking tour/snowshoeing tour with our local guide.

Day 6:

Breakfast at 08.00.

Meet at the hotel docks at 10:00. On this day you will get to see the famous and picturesque Trollfjord. Trollfjorden is a dramatic Norwegian fjord, with a narrow mouth of only 100 meters. The mountain walls are almost perfectly vertical as they meet the surface of the ocean, making for an incredible natural sight.

003575 Tofoto HadselPhoto: Tofoto / /Hadsel

The Trollfjord tour takes 5 hours, and you should bring your camera, warm clothes and shoes. This activity is weather dependent, and may be swapped for another day of your tour.

Dinner at 19:00 Isqueen.

Optional activity: Northern Lights hiking tour/snowshoeing tour with our local guide.

Day 7:

Breakfast at 08:00.

Meet in front of the hotel at 09.00 for transport to Andøya. The last full day of the trip is an action-packed day with dog-sledding at Husky-Andøy. Try your hand as a musher, drive the sled and be a passenger as the happy huskies run among the Arctic nature. The huskies love to run, and are always happy to meet new people and take them on an adventure. On this trip you will feel the wind in your face and the excited rush as you speed along snowy Norwegian landscapes.

hundeslede1Photo: Husky-Andøy

Return by mini-bus to Vesterålen Kysthotell.

Dinner at 19:00 Hotel Restaurant.

Day 8:

Enjoy your last breakfast with us as you enjoy the view of the ocean from our restaurant. Check out before 12:00,

Safe travels home!


Dates: Summer and Winter 2019/2020

Location: Vesterålen, Norway

Available seats: 10/10

Difficulty level: Medium

Duration: 8 Days (7 Nights)

Price: Based on double occupancy - single room supplement is 800 EURO. 


  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast
  • Evening Dinner
  • Transport to and from Vesterålen Kysthotell from Skagen Airport Stokmarknes or Evenes Airport Harstad
  • Professional guide during trips
  • Professional photographer during Northern Light hunt
  • Hot beverage during trips
  • Life jackets during boat trips
  • Free access to hot tub
  • Transport to all trips and all tuition

Not Included:

  • Optional activities
  • Any private insurances
  • Taxes
  • Levies
  • Immigration
  • Duty and visa fees where applicable
  • Additional meals
  • Personal items
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Snacks
  • Souvenirs
  • Travel insurance
  • Any plane travel

The LoVe Selfie

38.990 nok

8 days


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