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Sami Experience

A close encounter with Sami culture and reindeers

In cooperation with Inga Sami Siida reindeer farm, you have a unique opportunity for an authentic Sami experience. Here you can experience the Sami culture and way of living, as well as a first hand meeting with reindeer. The reindeer and the Sami people have lived and worked in Northern Norway for centuries.

Away from city lights and noise, you will get a pure meeting with the Nordic indigenous people’s culture. The farm is family-run, and has been in the family for over 150 years, after they moved here from Northern Sweden.

Learn about Sami culture

On the farm site you get to join Laila and Arild in one of their wooden lavvus. Hear stories about Sami culture, myths and magic as you warm up with a hot beverage around the cosy fireplace inside the lavvu. Learn how they came to run a reindeer farm in Vesterålen. They are truly proud of their heritage and love to talk about their culture, and you are free to ask any questions you might have. You will also experience Joik (the traditional song of the Sami people) and enjoy the special atmosphere inside the lavvu.

A delicious lunch with reindeer will be served here (if you don’t want to eat reindeer, other alternatives can be made).

Meet the reindeer

Outside you get to meet the reindeer and feed them. Most of them are calm and tame, and will therefore eat straight from your hand! A truly one of a kind experience. This is an excellent opportunity to take great photos!

If you book this experience in advance we can arrange for a short ride with the reindeers and sled. If you go in the winter you can be so lucky to have the trip under the incredible northern lights.


After lunch and maybe a sled tour you will participate in a lasso throwing contest on reindeer antlers (not on a real reindeer). If you manage to capture the antlers on the first try, you will receive a prize for you to keep!

On the farm site there are also an old barn to explore during summer, and a shop with reindeer furs, Sami knives and duodji (Sami crafts).


Dates: September 14 - 21st 2018

Location: Lofoten, Norway

Available seats: 10/10

Difficulty level: Easy

Price: 1290,- NOK. 


1290,- NOK


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