Vesterålen Kysthotell will make sure that you are given the relevant information prior to your visit, and will contact you in the event of any substantial changes that may occur with regard to your order. Should you need to contact us prior to, or during, your trip, we will be available Monday to Friday from 7 am to 3 pm, except national holidays.

We can be contacted by telephone (+47) 76 15 29 99 or e-mail


We recommend all of our customers to print out the confirmation, together with any vouchers, and to bring them with you on the trip. You must be at least 18 years of age to book/enter into an agreement with Vesterålen Kysthotell.


Your bank details are required to confirm your online reservations unless special conditions are stated at the time of booking. This guarantees the reservation. The amount indicated will be charged by the supplier, on site, during your stay. Our completely secure reservation system means you can provide your details in complete confidence.

If you do not wish to provide your bank details online to guarantee your reservation, you can contact the supplier directly.

Your bank details are needed to guarantee your reservation using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard) by entering the card number, the expiration date (the card used must be valid at the time of the stay) and the card security code, in the relevant fields (secure entry by SSL encryption). You must arrive at the supplier of your activity with the credit card that guaranteed the booking.

Only Vesterålen Kysthotell, together with the supplier of the product you have booked in Vesterålen or Lofoten, will have access to your name and contact details. 

By providing this information you are agreeing to the Norwegian Personal Data Act. (Link til GDPR)


For changes regarding your booking or for cancellation, please contact Vesterålen Kysthotell.

Some of our subcontractors and associates require that other terms of cancellation be met in addition to ours. (This includes no-show.) This applies in particular to the reservation of flights and hired cars. In such cases you will be informed of these regulations when you book.


We recommend all our customers to make sure they have satisfactory insurance coverage before setting off, including illness, luggage, accident, liability, etc.


Our subcontractors are responsible for their respective parts of your itinerary, including comprehensive insurance, permissions, equipment, personnel, etc, in accordance with the laws and regulations governing the activities of the subcontractor.


Should such cancellation/substantial changes occur, and you don’t accept any alternatives you may be offered on location, the supplier will refund you 100%

In order to give you the best possible experience, however, we reserve the right to make minor adjustments to the content of trips. Such adjustments may occur due to weather or ground conditions.


Vesterålen Kysthotell will gladly be of assistance to those wishing to book for larger parties. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


Should you fall victim to errors or discrepancies during your stay in relation to the travel documents you have received, and the circumstances cannot be rectified there and then, please write to Vesterålen Kysthotell as soon as possible. Should we fail to reach agreement, you are at liberty to contact the Package Tour Complaints Board (Reklamasjonsnemnda for Selskapsreiser), P.O. Box 2924 Solli, 0230 Oslo. For further details, please refer to:

We wish you a warm welcome to the Vesterålen Islands and hope that you will have a memorable stay!

3: Cancellation for groups 

Groups Period: 19. May – 15. September

More than 50% of the group – at least 90 days before arrival

30%-50% of the group – at least 42 days before arrival

10%-30% of the group – at least 21 days before arrival

  1. Groups Period  1. January – 18. May and 16. September – 31. December

Small changes (1-2 rooms) are accepted within three days before arrival

  1. Name list for larger groups (20+ pax)

Name list must be at Vesterålen Kysthotell at least 14 days before arrival. If name lists are not provided in within reasonable time (14 days before arrival), the client will receive a penalty of 4500,- NOK.

  1. Overbooking

In case of overbooking, Vesterålen Kysthotell must inform the group/individual at least 14 days prior to arrival. Then the group can be moved to another hotel in the area without any compensation. If not, the group cannot be moved without and compensation. Vesterålen Kysthotell reserve the right to place bookings in apartments/ hotel rooms as best suits the hotel.


If an activity/tour/transfer is cancelled by Vesterålen Kysthotell or any of Vesterålen Kysthotell’s suppliers, the Client/Tour Operator/Agent has the right to full reimbursement or to accept another tour that is comparable. Vesterålen Kysthotell will always try to offer an alternative where possible.

Any complaint or request for refund must be made by email to, within one calendar month of the return date of travel.


Vesterålen Kysthotell will not book any flights in/out of Norwegian Mainland (The Kingdom of Norway) for either groups nor individual guests.

Private Transfers are deemed to be those which the Client/Tour Operator/Agent has paid for the full maximum capacity of the bus or where a specific agreement has been made between Vesterålen Kysthotell and the Client/Tour Operator/Agent. In all other cases transfers are deemed to be a Shared Transfer and will be subject to sharing with other passengers. Shared transfers normally service two flights and therefore Passengers may need to wait for further arriving Passengers before departure.

Vesterålen Kysthotell’s transfers only service selected flights. Each of Vesterålen Kysthotell’s airport transfers only service flights arriving at least 30 minutes before the scheduled departure time of that transfer. The transfer times are fixed and thus if Passengers are subject to delays, or miss a flight corresponding to the transfer from the airport, the transfer will depart as scheduled. In such an instance Vesterålen Kysthotell will try to accommodate the Passenger(s) on a later transfer. Although Vesterålen Kysthotell will make every possible effort to contact the Passenger(s)/Tour Operator/Agent, Passengers subject to delays are asked to contact Vesterålen Kysthotell immediately regarding any delays. Vesterålen Kysthotell will not issue any refunds for missed transfers that are due to flight delays.

Passengers on Vesterålen Kysthotell’s transfers are guaranteed to bring one item of checked baggage each. Vesterålen Kysthotell will endeavour to carry any additional check-in baggage as well but is under no obligation to do so. The maximum allowed baggage item weight is 23 kg and the following baggage measurements may not be exceeded: L=250 cm, H=79 cm, W=112 cm. The sum of all three sides of the baggage item (L+H+W) is limited to 300 cm. Any baggage exceeding the limit of the one checked bag must be declared at the time of booking. Vesterålen Kysthotell reserves the right to charge a supplement for excess baggage or to refuse to transport excess items.

In addition to the checked baggage, each passenger is allowed to bring the following as carry-on baggage on the bus:

– One bag limited to L=55 cm, H=23 cm, W=40 cm with a maximum weight of 8 kg
– One small purse, computer bag or similar limited to L=40 cm, H=15 cm, W=30 cm

Vesterålen Kysthotell will only carry bags and ski/snowboard baggage. Vesterålen Kysthotell reserves the right to refuse to carry any other types of baggage unless explicitly stated or where a specific agreement has been made between Vesterålen Kysthotell and the Client/Tour Operator/Agent. Pulks or sledges are not allowed on any of Vesterålen Kysthotell’s transports.

Ski or snowboard baggage must be pre-booked upon the time of booking. Each Passenger is allowed one piece of ski or snowboard baggage in addition to other checked baggage. The ski or snowboard baggage may only consist of a cover and one set of skis and poles alternatively a cover and a snowboard. The ski baggage does not include a boot bag – these must be carried on board and will be counted in the carry-on baggage. Larger ski or snowboard bags with space for other items (wheeled ‘double bags’ or similar) will be counted in the allowed checked baggage. All ski and snowboard baggage items must be within the measurement and weight limitations that apply for other checked baggage. Vesterålen Kysthotell reserves the right to refuse to carry any ski and/or snowboard baggage that does not meet the ski baggage terms.

Any child over 3 years travelling is required by Norwegian Law to be seated in a seat with a booster seat. This means the child is required to have its own paid seat. If the child is over the height of 135cm a booster seat is not required. Children under the age of 3 are required to either sit in the lap of an adult or in a baby seat. Each child traveling in a baby seat requires a paid seat on the bus. The baby seat or booster seat needs to be pre-booked upon the time of booking. All children under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

All items of luggage must be clearly labelled with the owner’s name and destination address.

As a courtesy to guests with allergies, pets are not allowed on any of Vesterålen Kysthotell’s tours or transfers.

Vesterålen Kysthotell will endeavour to honour special requests made, but are under no obligation to do so.

All Vesterålen Kysthotell vehicles are fully insured for Passenger and third party claims, as required under Norwegian law. However, whilst every care is always taken, a Passenger’s property is carried entirely at the Passenger’s own risk. Vesterålen Kysthotell is not liable for loss of or damage to Passengers’ personal items. Passengers are advised to check their own travel insurance to make sure they are familiar with its conditions and the extent of its coverage in the case of lost or damaged property.

It is the responsibility of the Client/Tour Operator/Agent to fully inform Vesterålen Kysthotell of all travel details for the transfer at the time booking. This includes information regarding any medical condition/-s that Vesterålen Kysthotell should be aware of in order be able to perform its services with the highest possible level of safety.

It is the responsibility of the Client/Tour Operator/Agent to provide a full and valid mobile phone number for the Passenger(s) and/or Tour Operator/Agent, including the International Dialling Code. It is the responsibility of the Client/Tour Operator/Agent to check for messages left on this contact number during the final 24 hours prior to the time of the booked transfer or activity. Hotel-to-airport pick-up times can vary due to for instance weather conditions or high levels of traffic. Any notification of changes to pick-up times will be notified by SMS text message or by calling the contact number provided. Vesterålen Kysthotell will endeavour to take every possible route to contact the Client and/or Tour Operator or Agent to inform of any last-minute changes but takes no responsibility if the Client/Tour Operator/Agent is not obtainable.

Any changes to booking details must be made by Clients by email directly with Vesterålen Kysthotell at, at least 3 days prior to the date of outbound travel. All changes are subject to availability and may be subject to an administration charge. Any modifications are made at the discretion of Vesterålen Kysthotell. Any changes to booking details must be made by Tour Operators and Agents as stated in the booking instructions provided by Vesterålen Kysthotell. If the Tour Operator or Agent has not received the booking instructions, the Tour Operator/Agent is asked to contact Vesterålen Kysthotell at

Passengers are not permitted to carry alcoholic beverages onto Vesterålen Kysthotell vehicles for the purposes of consuming them therein.

Vesterålen Kysthotell reserves the right to refuse to carry any person who is thought to be under the influence of alcohol or other drugs and/or whose behavior is considered to pose a threat to the driver, the vehicle and/or other Passengers or road users.

Smoking is not permitted in Vesterålen Kysthotell’s hotel rooms/vehicles.