Zenit Planetarium


Explore the stars and the Northern Lights through Vesterålens only stargazing base. Placed away from the city lights, the planetarium is the perfect place to gaze upon the stars. During winter, this is one of many great spots to be when the Northern Lights dances across the skies.

At Zenit Planetarium you get to watch a film about our galaxy and learn about is, as well as hear stories, myths and legends. You will also learn why Norway is such a great place to watch the Northern Lights. There is a telescope on their large terrace so you can get a closer look on the stars.

Zenit Planetarium's details

Dates: September 14 – 21st 2018

Location: Lofoten, Norway

Available seats: 10/10

Difficulty level: Easy

Price: 1295,- NOK. 

Planetarium show inc. three course dinner


including transportation

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