Midnight Sun – Photo safari

Capture the Midnight Sun

If the sky is clear of clouds and the time is approaching midnight, chances are good you will be able to experience the midnight sun! Join our professional photographer and guide, Frank, on a trip to some of Vesterålens epic places to see the midnight sun. Frank will teach you on which settings to use to take pictures of the sun and take pictures of you during the trip. Bring your camera and sunglasses!

Photo: Vesteralen Photo / Frank Olsen

Midnight Sun – Photo safari's details

Dates: Summer 2019

Location: Vesterålen, Norway

Available seats: 10/10

Difficulty level: Easy

Price: From 1200,- NOK to 3490,- NOK.

Midnights Sun - Photo Safari 1


A memorable trip that lasts 2-4 hours

Midnights Sun - Photo Safari 2


w/ light mountain trip 3-6 hours

Midnights Sun - Photo Safari 3


w/moderate mountain trip 3-6 hours

Midnights Sun - Photo Safari 4


Course w/boat trip to Anda Fyr (whale, birds, seals, puffin, eagle) 7-10 hours. Minimum 25 pax.

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