Unique experiences


The hotel is located in the heart of LoVe and offers opportunities for many exciting activities.

With us you can book experiences of a lifetime – everything from dog sledding and meeting reindeer to boat trips among high mountains and wildlife. We can also tailor your schedule.

* NO ACTIVITIES PROVIDED for this year by hotel

Package tours

Experience the beautiful nature in Lofoten & Vesterålen (LoVe), and embark on a journey that will give you memories of a lifetime!

Join our week-long Northern Lights chase, with uniquely arctic experiences such as dog-sledding, fjord cruises and Aurora tours included.


If the sky is clear of clouds and the time is approaching midnight, chances are good you will be able to experience the midnight sun!
Our professional photographer and guide, Frank, takes you hunting for the Northern Lights!

Trollfjord Tour

We offer Trollfjord tours directly from the hotel docks.

Wildlife Safari via Anda Fyr including lunch

Experience the Arctic wildlife in the dramatic landscape of Vesterålen.
Go out with an open boat to the big open sea, breathe in the fresh air and catch your own food like a real fisherman!
The absolutely best way to see whales in Northern Norway. These animals, which are among the largest in the world, live and feed in the open sea north of Vesterålen archipelago.

Kabelvåg Trip to Lofoten Aquarium via Trollfjord including lunch

Experience a scenic tour across the world known archipelagos of Lofoten and Vesterålen.
Explore the stars and the Northern Lights through Vesterålens only stargazing base.
Our great Nordlandhus has several bedrooms, spacious bathrooms, two floors and a terrace.
Boat trip to the Aquaculture Center in Vesterålen

Boat trip with Eagle Safari

Travel by boat to experience the majestic Sea eagle.
The fisherman’s cabin in Norway, Lofoten

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